Welcome to the home of Lambchop Siamese

My name is Lynn Lamb and I have been owned by Siamese cats since 1975 when I was given my first Siamese, a seal point,boy, Brakenden Tamarack (Solomon), having been in love with the breed since first seeing the Blue Peter cat, Jason when I was a child. 
In 2008 I was given the opportunity to begin a lifelong wish to breed my own Siamese when I bought my first active registered girl, blue point, Adateam Meilingmaitai (Leila).
My aim is to breed healthy, well socialised kittens and to bring happiness to those who are looking for a Siamese in their lives. Enquiries for kittens are always welcome, though I may not always have any available.I only have a litter or two in a year but retired queens may sometimes require a new home too - please ask if you are looking for an older pet. 
My girls are not the extreme show type but have more traditional looks. 
Lambchop is a registered prefix with the GCCF and TICA
I am a member of the Old-Style Siamese Cat Club and the Chocolate Point Cat Club. You can find me on the South Coast,on the edge of the New Forest, just outside the town of Lymington.

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