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Coco's Chocolate box litter

Coco-Chanel's kittens were born safely on October 15th 2016. She is a fabulous mum and loves all of her babies. The 5 kittens, Velvet Ganache, Almond Delight, Purrfect Praline, Truffle Temptation and Hazelnut Surprise are all reserved and will be going to live with their new slaves in January 2017

Coco-Chanel is at stud

Coco is currently enjoying a stay at the Mapu stud with the lovely Prince George. She has really loved being an 'Aunty' to both of Gracie's litters so I am hoping that she will enjoy having some of her own. 


Flossie has recovered well from her difficult pregnancy and birth and would now like a retirement home where she can be spoiled and pampered. She would like to be an only cat I think and I welcome any enquiries from someone who can give her a loving home. Update August 22nd 2016 - Flossie has found a wonderful home in Oxfordshire. Miss her stunning blue eyes and her loving purr but I know she will be loved and very comfortable. Thank you Neil and family

An update on the arrival of kittens 2016

Flossie's pregnancy in June did not end well with her needing a c. section. She delivered 4 kittens naturally before one became stuck but she was not interested at all in taking care of any of her kittens - there were 4 survivors in a litter of 6 - and very sadly all passed away before they were two days old. Flossie was spayed at the time of the c. section and has retired from breeding - motherhood was just not for her.

Better news from Princess Gracie who gave birth to a litter of five lovely babies on July 7th after a repeat mating with Mapu Prince George.

Very sad news

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of my darling Leila. She was put to sleep yesterday 28/05/2016 after a very tragic accident at her home with my daughter. My much loved foundation queen will be very sadly missed by all of the family

We are looking forward to the arrival of kittens
Both Gracie and Flossie have visited the Mapu stud and we should be expecting kittens in May and June 2016. 
Unfortunately Gracie didn't become pregnant on this mating so has returned to stud this week. Flossie's kittens should be due around June 20th. Hopefully Gracie will 'take' this time and should then have kittens in July.

Announcing the arrival of Gracie's kittens.

Gracie is the proud mum of 4 babies, all doing well. They arrived this morning 28/10/15. Colours will be lilac or lilac tabby point and updates of their progress will be on the kittens page

Gracie is back from visiting the Mapu stud

Hoping to add the news of her pregnancy soon. Our Princess Grace has been entertained by Mapu Prince George and we hope to have kittens from the 'royal' couple around the end of October 2015

Welcome to our new girl

With many thanks to Laura Robinson of Sinobron Siamese, welcome to Sinobron Moonflower (Flossie) - a new queen for the Lambchop household. 

MiMi has just returned from stud

MiMi is back from her visit to the Mapu stud, staying with Mapu Prince George. We have all paws, fingers and toes crossed here for a positive outcome for her this time.

Gracie has just turned one and will be visiting a young man before long.

Update: 4/08/15

Sadly MiMi's kittens were born yesterday, 10 days premature. None survived more than a few hours. MiMi is now retiring from her life as a breeding queen, a life which did not work out at all for her. Thank you to all who have shown an interest in a kitten from her.

Sadly Mimi's second litter was also premature. 3 kittens were born on Good Friday 3/4/2015, 5 days before their due date. None survived for more than a few days. She will now be spayed and I will be looking for a loving pet home for her. Please contact me for further details if you would like to be considered for rehoming this loving 18 month old girl who was not destined to be mum.
Update - after discussions with my vet and stud owner we have decided to try with MiMi one more time. Thank you to those who have expressed an interest in my lovely girl.